Our Products

Elevate your packaging standards with our diverse range of high-quality products tailored for the Gravure & Flexible Packaging Industry. From Solvent-Based Lamination to Special Inks like Phoenix and Superlam, we provide a one-stop solution for key requirements in packaging. Trust us for excellence in Gravure and Flexible Packaging manufacturing.


In Special Inks We have:

  • Phoenix
  • Superlam


  • High Gloss OPV
  • Matt OPV
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In Gravure Inks We have Gravure Lamination & Gravure Surface Inks.

Gravure Lamination

  • TV LAM
  • Spectrum
  • Ultra
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In Flexo Inks We have Flexo Lamination Inks & Flexo Surface Inks.

Flexo Lamination Inks

  • Flex-LAM
  • Star-FLEX

Flexo Surface Inks

  • Star-FLEX
  • Dragon-Star
  • Woven-Star
  • Poly-Star

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About Us

HTI Private Limited

Colors for Packaging

At HTI Private Limited, we take pride in being a leading ink manufacturing company specializing in Gravure and Flexographic printing inks. Since our establishment in 2016, we have continuously evolved, building on the foundation laid down by Kashif Trading, a trusted name in the flexible packaging industry.

Our commitment extends beyond providing high-quality products; we strive to add lasting value to our customers' businesses through enduring relationships and mutual growth. With a dedicated 24/7 customer support service and a vigilant technical team, we ensure seamless production, preventing and resolving any disruptions promptly.

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Why Choose Us

Expert Management

Experience excellence with expert management at the helm of HTI Private Limited. Our seasoned leadership ensures precision in ink manufacturing for Gravure and Flexographic printing. With a history rooted in the trusted legacy of HTI, we deliver unrivaled quality and reliability in the dynamic realm of the flexible packaging industry.

Optimal Machinery

Producing inks with optimized lead-time, top-notch quality and lesser costs

State of the Art Laboratory

Producing finest quality ink with constant testing and experimentation.

Manufacturing Capacity

Increased manufacturing capacity to fulfill the constantly increasing customer demand.

Delivery Service

Rapid on-time delivery ensuring unhindered production.

Happy Customers

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Discover excellence in ink manufacturing with HTI Private Limited. A leader in Gravure and Flexographic printing inks, our mission is to offer cost-effective solutions for maximum profit and sustainable growth.